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Two more images for my MFA

Had to get 8 total done for the seminar as the space I have is a bit asymmetrical.

Here are the latest

Latest Whitecliffe Masters work. One down One to go!

Another painting in prep for my July seminar

Two more women and one more man to finish off this set.


New woman from my MFA studies

The previous women I have worked on were very soft and airbrushed looking.  I tried to capture the details like I have been doing with the grumpy old men.

Hopefully I was successful!


More Whitecliffe work. Third in a series of four

This is the latest of four men I will be painting, this is the third.

I am also going to work on painting four women’s portraits.  I have previously created two, but I need to go back and start over now that I have a much better workflow.


Another Whitecliffe Post

Here is the latest work that is part of 8 portraits.  There will be four older mean and 4 young women.  Hopefully there will be a great deal of expression that infers a story, but subtle enough not to know what that full story is.


Slight Update

I added chromatic abberation  and some noise to hopefully pull it more into a photo-hyper-realistic area.

Another Whitecliffe Update

I started another thread in the same sort of series of hyper-real portraits.  I am using lower resolution images from the internet, so I am having to add all the additional details that I would normally get from a high resolution image.  In this thread, I am getting my images from the same source, but with a different search parameter.

I really enjoyed the wrinkles and can’t wait to do another one like this, before returning to painting the women that I have picked out to paint.

Latest Work

Here is the newest painting.  Top part is the finished painting and the bottom is the process, which I will be displaying.


Heather 2